Gail’s Priorities

Class size  – Small class sizes are essential to a positive learning experience at the elementary, middle and high school levels. I will work to maintain the appropriate class size for all grade levels.

Breadth of program – A wide range of educational options encourages students to learn, explore and discover their passions. I’ll prioritize funding a wide range of academic and other programming opportunities for students throughout the school system.

Emotional well-being – More than three quarters of Newton’s high school students describe their lives as either “somewhat stressful or very stressful.” More than half of middle school students say the same. I’ll encourage and prioritize funding programs that help our children develop skills to reduce and/or manage stress.

Academic achievement for all – All children in Newton deserve an education that allows them to work to the best of their ability, regardless of learning needs, socioeconomics, or racial and ethnic background. I will work to evaluate outcomes of student services, will support programs that aim to narrow the achievement gap, and will encourage expanding Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programs.

Sound fiscal management – Overseeing NPS finances and ensuring sound fiscal policies are among a School Committee member’s most important responsibilities. I’ll use the experience I gained as a Boston Globe correspondent and Newton TAB editor studying school and city budgets for nearly two decades to ask difficult questions, to understand proposed trade-offs and to make informed decisions.

Communication – As a journalist, I’ve built my career listening to, speaking with and informing Newton residents about our schools with in-depth analysis and reporting. I’ve also communicated with many people in the city about what they feel is going well and what needs improvement. I’ll apply my skills and perspective to improve communication between the School Committee and the community.