Join Your Friends and Neighbors Supporting Gail!

Elected officials and community leaders

Mayor Setti Warren

Former Superintendent of Schools and Newton North Principal Jim Marini
City Councilor Jake Auchincloss
City Council President Emeritus Lisle Baker
City Councilor James Cote
City Councilor and former School Committee Chair Marc Laredo
City Councilor Rick Lipof
City Councilor Emily Norton
City Councilor John Rice
School Committee member Ellen Gibson
School Committee member and former Chair Matt Hills
School Committee member Steve Siegel
Former City Council President Brooke Lipsitt
Former City Councilor Bill Brandel
Former City Councilor Mitch Fischman
Former School Committee member and Newton North Principal Jennifer Huntington
Former School Committee member Jim Mnookin
Former City Councilor John Stewart

Former President of Newton South Booster Club Jon Frieze
Former Newton Director of Performance Management Aaron Goldman
Retired Newton South Latin teacher Alice Lanckton
Chair, Blue Ribbon Commission and former President of Beth Israel Deaconess Paul Levy
Former Memorial-Spaulding PTO President Janice Lipof
Retired Police Officer Tyrone Powell
Newton firefighter and St. Mary of Carmen Society Festival Chair Chuck Proia
Former Memorial Spaulding PTO President Doreen Rachal
Kathy Shields
Retired Countryside kindergarten teacher Peggy Rothschild
Former Memorial-Spaulding PTO Fundraiser Mona Wong
Former Memorial Spaulding PTO Co-chair Monica Yancey

Other community members
Jordanna and Larry Alford
Gail and Robert Ames
Frank  Aronson
Steve and Risa Aronson
Cindy Bailen
Elinor Beatrice
Debby Belt
Stephanie Bucci
David Bunis
Sharon and Michael Chan
Leanna and Scott Chin
May and Wayne Chin
Jason and Karen Chow
Erin Clossey
Marc and Sharon Cohen
Ellen Cohen and Dan Haber
Ellen Cohen-Kaplan and Jeff Kaplan
Sylvia Corfman
Jane and Joel Dembling
Suzanne and David Diamond
Sharon and Chuck Diamond
Jane and Josh Douglass
Elissa Fenster
Rosita and Steve Fine
Peggy and David Fineman
Sara and Russell Forman
Bobbi Fox and Daniel Dern
Nanette and Jose Fridman
Julie Goldblatt
Barbara Goldman and Steve Bloom
David and Melissa Goldstone
Susan Gedrick
Elaine Greenstein
Jori and Rocky Grossack
Marjorie Gundersheim
Lisa Halm
Craig and Fern Hammer
Tara and Ashky Hedvat
Peter Hermann
Lisa Hills
Lisa Howe
Keith Jacobson
Steve Jermanok and Lisa Leavitt
Elizabeth and Dan Jick
Nicole and Ian Karp
Madelon Kaster
Sarina and David Katz
Rabbi Van Lanckton
Phil Levine and Heidi Cheris
Regina and Jerry Lewis
Ellen Light
Joan Mael
Danny and Lynn Mandeau
Laura and Jim Marks
Tracy Matthews
Bruce and Joanne Medoff
Alexandra and Enrique Mitman
Hilary and Gyle Morris
Karen O’Malley
David Noymer and Sandy Puritz
Ralph Ranalli
Deb Reich
Tom and Denise Robinson
Peter Roby
Stuart Sadick and James Bryant
Jerry and Lillian Sam
David and Lisa Sands
Elan Sassoon
Juliet Schor
Cathy and Larry Schumer
Ellen and Steve Segal
Mora Segal
Michelle Silberman and Clark Hubbard
Kim Smith
Jeanie and Sammy SooHoo
Tony SooHoo
Alan Spatrick
Abby and Nelson Stacks
Owen and Molly Stearns
Debbie and Ivan Steinbert
Rick and Sandy Thau
Mark Wadness
Jim Walker
Jim Wallack and Rebecca Matthews
Kevin Wong
Deanna Wong
Michelle Wong
Teddy and Cathy Wong
Marlene and Errol Yudelman
Tracy and Yung Lin